Walking into this program I thought the only thing I would get out of it were certificates and a job but I got a whole lot more than I thought I would. Now, near the end of the program, I feel like I’m walking out a whole new person with different perspectives on life. This program has changed my life, my way of thinking and even my attitude. I may still not have a filter but that’s something I need to work on for while. Everyday I am thankful of this program and all the help it has given me. If I didn’t get into this program, I don’t know where I would be.


This program helps me a lot to know me better, understand what I want, to feel more confident and to start working is a big step for me. I know I have to learn more things that I am in the middle but it was a good start point for me.


While in the program, I have not just gained certification for the workplace but also confidence that has helped me gain employment and make new friends in the program. I feel incredibly prepared for any workplace. I am grateful for all the support I was given. I would recommend it to any who is struggling in employment and life. “You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”


Success Stories

Meet Kerrina ! From a student in our Working Together Program to a flourishing entrepreneur, she is definitely one of our great success stories. Karina is currently running a second hand store called “K-Town Emporium”, which sells a large selection of collectibles, furniture, jewelry, and house hold items.