About PYCS

Pathfinder began its services in Surrey in 2003 with a mentorship program for youth under the sponsorship of Human Resources Development Canada. Pathfinder’s mentorship programs target youth, who are homeless, unemployed, in the care of social services or in trouble with the judicial system. The key to Pathfinder’s success is its programs that focus on life and employment training and mentorship which are crucial for youth at risk.

The Surrey-based program was expanded in 2004 to provide services to youth throughout the Lower Mainland. Pathfinder has the capacity to deliver youth mentorship programs to 60-90 participants per year. At the completion of the program, most participants find full or part time employment and/or return to school.

To date approximately 464 youths have completed one of our programs.

The Pathfinder Youth Centre Society is dedicated to helping at-risk young people (ages 15-30) overcome the obstacles that prevent them from returning to school or entering the workforce. Our certified youth counselors mentor to the specific needs of each client – teaching life skills, preparing the way for re-entry into school and/or accessing employment training.We provide these services to approximately 90 participants across Greater Vancouver each year. To date, many of our Pathfinder alumni have found full or part-time employment or achieved a BC High School Graduation diploma.

As a leading non-profit registered charity in Greater Vancouver, Pathfinder has empowered over 450 young people so far to achieve success in their lives and in their communities.

Our Mission

To promote opportunities for young adults and families, by guiding them along the pathways of education, life skills, employment training and recreation; mentoring one young adult at a time.

Our Vision

To build a national network of youth centres, dedicated to cultural diversity and the well-being of all youth and their families.

Our Values

1. We believe families and youth are society’s greatest potential resource.

2. We believe in developing personal relationships with families and youth based on mutual trust and respect.

3. We believe life skills and employment training are the foundation stone of a self-sufficient and independent life.


Pathfinder opened its doors, welcoming vulnerable, at-risk youth who were homeless, unemployed, in the care of social services or in trouble with the judicial system. With sponsorship from Human Resources Development Canada, we offered a youth mentoring program at our Surrey office.
Annual funding from Government of Canada’s “Youth Employment Strategy” also began in 2003. Over the past 10 years, this funding has enabled Pathfinder to mentor 279 youth in life skills and employment skills.


Pathfinder’s Surrey-based program opened an office in Maple Ridge. With two centres, PYCS is better equipped to service young people throughout the Lower Mainland.