100+ People Who Care Surrey

On March 7th, there was an meeting which allowed charities to give brief presentations about their organization and how their work impacted the community of Surrey. After the presentations everyone in attendance were to vote on the selected charities to receive donations. Pathfinder Youth Centre Society was blessed have been chosen as one of their designated charities.

On behalf of our Pathfinder Family we thank everyone who voted for us and cheered us on. Thank you for listening to our story, thank you for supporting us and thank you for your big hearts.

From Facebook.

Longtime member Sara Pickering randomly met founder Orville Lee of Pathfinder Youth Centre Society while grabbing take-out in a local shop. She was inspired by his passion and commitment and nominated PYCS for our 100 People Who Care meeting, and the rest was history!

After our group heard about the services Orville, Ruth and their team provide to at-risk youth and adults, our giving group selected PYCS to receive our collective donation – $50 from each of our members.

PYCS has programs helping with education, life skills, recreation, mentoring and employment training to name just a few. PYCS can always use donations of food, books, and personal items. PYCS is also looking for mentors for their youth to help guide them and make a difference. Ruth Orville Lee invite community members to contact them or stop by anytime if you are interested in learning more about what they do and/or you can help out!

Thanks to member Sara for nominating this group and to our members for your contributions and caring. We were so welcomed and enchanted by the amazing energy this team has for their work.