Youth Board

We have a Youth Board who is heavily involved with Pathfinder Youth Centre Society


David brings a lot of life experiences to the board. Growing up in foster care and very challenging environments he has beat all odds. David is currently employed full time. He is passionate about ending the stigma on substance addictions, and raising awareness about the issue. David brings many innovative ideas as well as enthusiasm to the board.


Malcom is currently enrolled in the University of British Columbia Arts program. He has always been apart of Pathfinder by volunteering as a coach in previous sports camps and peer mentorship. He hopes to be able to bring new and fresh ideas for marketing and outreach programs.


Before starting Pathfinders, Jordan wasn’t sure where his life was going. Within a couple of weeks he realized that he enjoyed helping others, and through networking with the guest speakers that were brought to Pathfinder, he was able to apply for a volunteer position with the Boys 4 Real program, ran by the YWCA. He worked with Grade 7 boys to help them build self esteem and what to expect in high school. His favorite volunteering moment was the lesson that showed the boys that other people share similar problems. Because of his volunteering, he was motivated to apply for a college course to help youth.


Before Nassif joined the program he had an interview for a line cook position and lacked the skill needed for a good job that he wanted. Nassif joined Pathfinders and equipped himself with the certificates and skill sets needed, and also got a job that he has wanted to work with ever since he was a kid with Starbucks. Today, Nassif is working happy and proudly with them.


Naomi has been a part of Pathfinders for many years. She has worked on various projects such as the Fiesta Blanca Annual Fundraiser, Social Media Marketing, Community Living British Columbia program administration, and Pathfinder Youth Homes administration. Naomi hopes to bring forward new ways to reach out to the youth, and make an impact in their lives.

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